postheadericon RORC Caribbean 600 In February 2019

RORC Caribbean 600 is one of the acclaimed offshore races that most sailors want to be a part of. It comprises of a race course about 600 miles in length and covers some of the most scenic coastlines of the region. The race starts and ends in Antigua and if you wish to be part of the Caribbean sailing races early this year, you might have already registered for this race.

RORC Caribbean 600 is scheduled to take place in February. The exact date of the race is 15th February and traveling here is made easy by most of the international carriers having a stop in Antigua. Like most races, the itinerary for this race would start with three days of training. Once the participants have acclimatized themselves to the waters and racing conditions, the race would begin on 18th February and end on 22nd February which is the approximate timeline kept for the race.

There are several sailing events that are planned for the Caribbean every year and it starts early with the RORC event in February. Those who are planning to be participating or witnessing the different events might as well park themselves at one of the beachside resorts from next month and make the most of the beaches, the waters, and the Caribbean sunshine.

Like all sailing events, there is an attractive package deal for this sailing event as well. The organizers include the three days of training and racing costs along with berthing facilities and yacht-related costs all in the package. Hence, participants can reach here early to train on their boats with an experienced local skipper and a first mate. Breakfast and lunch meals are included for all days of training along with safety gear and team apparel for the race. This race provides a great opportunity for most sailors to escape the freezing winter conditions and enjoy the sunshine and warm days in the Caribbean.

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