In order to always win in free slots, games try to reduce the number of advantageous lines for an increase in dispersion
When you put 2 dollars to one line, your average prize will be much higher (less often) than if you put 20 cents to 10 lines. When you stake on 10 lines at the same time, prizes in the table of payments will be 10 times less. In the majority of slots, you usually gather an advantageous combination only on a small number from 10 lines, therefore, your average prizes will also be lower.

Pay attention that this reception can’t usually be used by high-rollers as the maximum rate for the line is usually limited. But there are also slots exceptions, for example, Tweety Birds.

However, this reception is obligatory if you don’t put more than 2 dollars for one round.
How to win largely on gaming machines. Some other games which are outdoor are also requried to be mentioned here becuase they are the real sports. Talking about the sports I was looking for the information about the different sports and those websites which are famous for live match and I have found a very popular and interesting website with name ukskys.

The answer is simple — to risk more to win more. However, if you want to win with the greatest possible chances, you have to push the dispersion of the strategy up to the unknown height.

At the same time, the most effective way to win largely — to try to lose as soon as possible. It seems, there is no sense, isn’t it?

Statistically (eventually) you lose money at each rate. So RTP works. To lose less in the long term, you have to minimize the total amount of the rates. To minimize the total amount of your rates, you need to try to lose the budget with the minimum quantity of rates. If you make it, and RTP will remain the same, the principles of statistics reward you with a big prize.

The strategy of rates in gaming machines

The slot mathematics is really a passion, and the strategy given below have been invented irrespective of the other existing. It was tested on the software for modeling, using the return gaming machines.

The strategy of “Smart Gambler” – play the maximum prize
Dispersion: changeable
RTP: Very high (up to 96%)
Game time: Miscellaneous
From all strategy of a game in slots, “Smart Gambler” – is the best. It is connected with the gamble button which gives you chance to double the victory


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